10 sites where to find cheap plane tickets

Compulsive travelers find it difficult not to consult them every day, but more “moderate” travelers do not necessarily know the price comparators and other travel bargain sites available on the web. It must be said that there are many. Here are some of our favorites for finding cheap airline tickets. 

Round trip Montreal-Tokyo for less than $500 in February? $50 tickets to Florida in April? The sites that list the best airline deals of the moment have multiplied in Quebec in recent years. Thanks to different methods or technologies, they manage to unearth unbeatable “deals” for specific dates and destinations. These are not booking sites. They redirect you to sites where you can do your transactions.  


1. Alexi’s Flights 

Founded in 2018 by Quebecer Alexi Roy, who describes himself as ” a mad scientist of airplane flights “, Les Vols d’Alexi sends you to deal alerts by email. Two possible packages, depending on your thirst for discounts: free or paid (to receive all the deals). 

* Deals from Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Paris
airports lesvolsdalexi.com 


2. Flytrippers 

Flytrippers was founded at the end of 2016 by two travel enthusiasts from Trois-Rivières. Since that day, they track very low-cost flights, display them on their site and alert their subscribers by email for free. They also suggest tips and tricks for low-cost travel.

* Deals from Montreal, Quebec, and dozens of Canadian, American, and European cities.


3. Yulair

Definitely a Quebec pioneer in air bargain hunting, Yulair has been tracking down the right prices since the end of 2012. Although it has changed hands since its creation, it still selects the best flights of the moment, with precise dates, and offers a free subscription to email alerts.

* Deals from Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, and New York
airports yulair.com 



4. Hopper 

Born in Montreal, Hopper is not a site, but an application that “predicts the future price of flights”. You enter your destination and Hopper generates a calendar that identifies the times when flights will be the cheapest and the most expensive in the coming year, according to scholarly predictions. The app can monitor a destination for you and alert you when prices are falling or about to rise. The reservation is made on Hopper directly.  




Of course, you can search for flights directly on the website of an airline such as Transat or Air Canada. But there is also a multitude of flight aggregators that allow you to compare the prices of hundreds of airlines and online travel agencies. Basically, an aggregator scans the web for us, submits a list of flights based on our search criteria, and directs us to sites to book. 


5. Momondo

One of the big favorites among flight search tools, especially because of its graphs showing price variations per day… and its good results. 



6. Google Flights 

In our opinion the most user-friendly because of its calendar with rates which is displayed directly in the search tool, on the home page. We immediately see the precise prices according to the dates, without having to launch more than one search.



7. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is more than a traveler review site. You can now also do research there to find plane tickets at good prices.  



8. Kayaking

Among the best known, Kayak is one of the aggregators with the most filters to refine your search. Another plus: its graph shows at a glance the price trend for the coming dates. 



9. Skyscanner  

This is another site that has a good reputation with travelers, because of its convincing results. The search is displayed according to what you want: the cheapest, the fastest, or the best (a combination of the two).  



10. Expedia

Expedia is an online travel agency and flight aggregator. You can book various tourist products directly on the site, and also look for tickets at good prices.




Flightnetwork, a Canadian online travel agency.
– FlightHub, an online travel agency based in Montreal.



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