I don’t know how Kate Middleton does

We learned yesterday that Kate Middleton was pregnant again.

And in the same breath, the media reported that she again suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, a form of severe nausea for which she had been hospitalized during her first pregnancy. It is for this reason that she had to cancel her upcoming engagements, and perhaps also what forced her to announce this pregnancy which is still in its very early stages

If I’m talking to you about the Duchess of Cambridge, it’s not because I’m passionate about royal gossip, far from it. Rather, it’s because I’m amazed at the professionalism she displays in circumstances that, frankly, would make anyone else want to punch the first person who put their camera in our face.


If you’ve experienced the pangs of pregnancy nausea, you know what I’m talking about. It takes a lot of self-control just to get out of the house, have a nice chat with people, and do the things that are expected of us when the only thought we have is that we might vomit at any time. moment.

A host of factors aggravate heart ailments: standing too long, feeling hot, wearing tight clothes, seeing people eating, hearing conversations about food… And smells! There are some that I never got over.

Suffering from pregnancy nausea requires close daily management. You have to eat in small quantities throughout the day, go out for fresh air regularly, and sometimes limit transport. Above all, you have to turn into a marmot and sleep as much as possible, because fatigue seriously aggravates nausea. And all this lasts for weeks, sometimes months! An eternity of feeling like a human wreck, of curling up in a ball as soon as you set foot in the house, of wanting to yell at that poor boyfriend who made the mistake of preparing a beef bourguignon for supper…

Three years have passed since my last episode of pregnancy nausea but the memory is still very vivid in my memory. And it was just ordinary nausea, which never threatened my health or that of my baby. So when I think of Kate, who is already watching over a 14-month-old baby while managing a busy diplomatic schedule, who is photographed from all angles every time she sets foot outside, whose every move is scrutinized magnifying glass… No way for her to look stupid or miserable going out one morning because she can’t take it anymore. No question of eating a whole day of salt and vinegar crisps because that’s the only thing that fits. No question about adopting ultra-soft clothing for an unlimited period. “Yes but she is rich, she lives in a palace, she has dozens of people at her service, she is not to be pitied!”, some will answer me. Well yes, I still pity her, and I admire her.

Suffering from severe nausea while always looking radiant and radiant is a feat that amazes me. Get well, dear Kate. And my sympathies to anyone going through the same thing away from the spotlight right now. Roll into a ball and eat pickled chips as much as you want; all future mothers should have the right.

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